Need help?

We perform a large number of Sea Assistance assignments annually, most of them for our partners Stockholm Radio Sjöassistans and Team Marin e.g. delivery of spare parts or fuel, minor repairs, starting aid or towing.
We have a high level of service and are quickly on site with our taxi boat or cargo boat if you need help. Local knowledge of different yards that can help you with your boat is a matter of course.
If you are a customer of Stockholm Radio, we carry out the assignments through them. Check your insurance, many companies are affiliated. If not, we can of course help anyway, but then at a regular price.
A tip for all boat owners, become a customer / member of Sjöassistans. It always pays off and provides extra security on the lake.
Contact Stockholm Radio Sjöassistans 020-98 90 00
Contact Team-Marin 010 330 00 30